Environment Tree

A smarter choice for
your business.

EcoPower can help grow your business by fulfilling customer demands for a high-quality product that’s environmentally friendly.

Tap into a greener market.


According to Forrester Research, 41% of the U.S. population is either interested in or is choosing green products and services. When itcomes to green motor oil, the numbers are even more impressive. Research shows that 88% of environmentally engaged consumers would buy eco-friendly motor oil. 87% would view installers that sell eco-friendly motor oil more favorably. And  94% would likely switch if recommended by a technician.

Because it takes up to 85% less energy to produce than conventional motor oil, EcoPower is exactly the type of product they’re looking for. But EcoPower isn’t just environmentally friendly, it’s great for vehicles as well.

1Source: 2011 Quantitative Markettools and Maslansky studies among the Environmental Activist target.

The military trusts it, so can your customers.


EcoPower meets or exceeds all the toughest North American standards for engine protection, including SAE, API and ILSAC. The same formulation of motor oil is also relied on by some of the largest commercial fleets, and U.S. Armed Forces vehicles in combat around the world. If it’s tough enough for these demanding conditions, it’s tough enough for your customers. Our unique blend of additives also provides superior protection against corrosion, viscosity and thermal breakdown.

Getting your business involved.


Clearly there are a lot of very good reasons to choose EcoPower. But on top of all that is the fact that EcoPower is produced by Safety-Kleen, the largest collector and refiner of reclaimed motor oil in North America. Safety-Kleen currently collects used oil and other fluids from nearly 270,000 service locations across the country. Adding your business to the list would be easy.

Why is this important? It’s an opportunity for your business and other oil-change professionals to “close the loop” by recycling used motor oil and purchasing EcoPower. This simple action will help preserve our limited crude resources and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.