Becoming Eco-Friendly - May 1, 2010


Becoming eco-friendly
American LubeFast now offers EcoPower re-refined motor oil
Karah-Leigh Hancock

VALDOSTA — American LubeFast has become the first major oil change company in the country to offer eco-friendly EcoPower oil, and the residents of Valdosta can now be green themselves when it comes to their motor vehicle needs.

Valdosta is home of two American LubeFast locations — one on Northside Drive and the other on North Ashley Street.

“American LubeFast wanted to go to an alternative than conventional motor oil,” James Bingham, district manager of American LubeFast, said. “(We) believe this oil identifies with our mission to be good for your car, good for the environment and good for America.”

The recycled motor oil is manufactured by the Plano, Texas-based company, Safty-Kleen.
According to the EcoPower Web site and Bingham, the new EcoPower recycled motor oil is rerefined and uses up to 85 percent less energy to produce than products made from crude oil. It also improves fuel economy and offers advanced wear protection for increased vehicle life, improved oxidation and sludge resistance and reduced vehicle emissions.

“There’s not too much difference (between the eco-friendly oil and regular oil),” Bingham, who has worked with American LubeFast for 13 years, said. “Reclaimed oil is usually burned as fuel releases heavy metal and green house gases. Re-refining the oil prevents these pollutants from entering the atmosphere.”
According to the Web site, recycled oil, such as EcoPower, last as long as regular oil but doesn’t necessarily save you money.

“It saves on dependency on us buying foreign oil,” Bingham said. “What we do here, when we’re rerefining this oil, it stays in America for America.”

Bingham said that all of the major car manufacturers have approved the use of EcoPower and that it has been approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

While it’s still new, not many people know about the new eco-friendly oil.

“It’s kind of new to the ‘average Joe,’” Bingham said. “We don’t have the numbers out yet because it’s so new. We’ve had it for about a month and a half now. Really and truly, it’s just now getting out there.”

While people in Valdosta have used and tried EcoPower, Bingham said that more people are using the oil in Thomasville than anywhere else.

Right now, customers can get up to five quarts of EcoPower recycled oil for $39.99 at American LubeFast.

“The reason why it’s only three dollars more is because it’s a synthetic blend,” Bingham said.
“Synthetic blend is a whole lot better because it’s got synthetic additives in it.”

According to Bingham, American LubeFast is trying to find various ways besides using EcoPower eco-friendly motor oil to be environmentally friendly.

“We’re installing recycle bins in our locations,” he said. “(With) our fuel system cleaners, we’re going to a bulk cleaner on that so that does away with the cardboard and plastics. We’re trying anything. Our managers welcome anyone’s suggestions for additional ways to go green.”

Facts about re-refined oil

  • If you recycle just two gallons of used oil, it can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.
  • Re-refined motor oil has been mandated for use in government vehicles, including military vehicles, since 2000.
  • Re-refined lubricants meet or exceed API and ILSAC standards for motor oil.
  • Re-refined oil takes 85 percent less energy to produce than products derived from crude oil.
  • Re-refining process produces base oil almost chemically identical to base oil produced by refining virgin crude.