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The right way to extend your fleet’s oil drain intervals

Many fleets would like to extend their oil drain intervals. It saves time, saves money, and it’s better for the environment. But if you extend too much, it can damage the engines and lead to increased maintenance costs.  

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Survey shows that sustainability is good for business

We know sustainability is good for the environment, but is it good for business? Proof of the synergy between the two came in a February 2013 global study.

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CLEANFleet certification. EcoPower can help

One sure sign your fleet is serious about its green efforts is a membership in the Coalition for Green Management. This certification tells the world that your fleet values its environmental stewardship.

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Fleets Get Savvy with Reducing Emissions

The feature story in the January/February issue of Green Fleet magazine is titled, Best Practices in Emission-Reduction. It’s a good read—all about fleets and their real-world strategies for reducing emissions like using flex fuels, adding all-electric vehicles to the fleet, switching to four-cylinder engines and integrating telematics.

However, the article omitted one emission-reduction strategy that makes dollars and sense for fleets.


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Fleet Carbon Footprint Calculators: A Quintessential Tool in any Emission-Reduction Mission

For a fleet manager, understanding the exact — or even approximate — environmental impact of a large vehicle fleet is important to you. While there are numerous ways in which to make greener the day-to-day and long-term operations of a fleet, it’s also helpful to be aware of a few key figures, particularly estimated carbon emissions, before you start making any major decisions that will ultimately help to reduce the need for foreign oil and drilling while improving a company’s carbon footprint.

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Cleaning Up the Lubricants Business

Did you know that the lubricants industry is dirty? Well, at times it certainly can be. Some lower quality lubricants are being misrepresented in the marketplace. Bottom line: Don’t be fooled into buying products that don’t do what they say they will do.

In fact, there are quite a few motor oils on the shelves that could actually harm your engine...


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