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Cleaning Up the Lubricants Business

Did you know that the lubricants industry is dirty? Well, at times it certainly can be. Some lower quality lubricants are being misrepresented in the marketplace. Bottom line: Don’t be fooled into buying products that don’t do what they say they will do.

In fact, there are quite a few motor oils on the shelves that could actually harm your engine...

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Improving Your Business with Environmentally Friendly Motor Oil

A study commissioned last year showed that nearly eight in 10 Americans would choose an environmentally friendly motor oil option for their oil change if it were available, even at additional cost. One California fast lube owner decided to test that data, with pleasing results.

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Going Green In Motorsports

Indy. Daytona. Talladega. Darlington. Bristol. Mention these monuments to internal combustion in a crowd of race fans and watch as they get lost in memories of tire smoke, crackling exhaust, massive V-8 power and the thrill of their favorite racers bump-drafting each other across a finish line. But to meet the demands of nearly 40% of the U.S. population that considers itself “eco-responsible,” auto racing is working to reduce its impact on the environment. And it’s learning lessons that can be applied to auto dealerships nationwide.

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Can a Green Motor Oil Make Your Business Stand Out?

Can offering eco-friendly motor oil – motor oil that’s been re-refined from reclaimed motor oil in a closed-loop process that takes 85 percent less energy to produce than conventional oils made from crude – benefit both your business and the earth? All signs point to yes. With an increasing number of consumers actively seeking out green products and services, particularly in the automotive category, offering an eco-friendly motor oil that doesn't skimp on performance such as EcoPower, can help your business stand out from the pack while improving the public opinion of your company.


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