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Different fleets have different needs. Which is why we developed a lineup of engine oils uniquely formulated to protect gas engines in demanding conditions.

EcoPower doesn’t just live up to our high standards, it also meets or exceeds the toughest North American standards for engine oil protection. This includes SAE, API and ILSAC. It also meets OEM requirements for vehicles requiring oils that meet these standards.

The simple fact is, the process of refining used oil is the same as refining virgin crude oil. Both go through the same basic steps, at which point additives are blended in to enhance performance.

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So it’s no wonder EcoPower meets all of the rigid OEM requirements.

No matter what grade of engine oil you choose, you can expect dependable performance and superior engine protection across the board.



EcoPower is available in the following grades for oil:

Heavy-Duty Engine Oils
15W-40 CK-4
10W-30 CK-4

Passenger Car Motor Oils
Synthetic Blend 5W-20
Synthetic Blend 5W-30
Synthetic Blend 10W-30