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Sustainable solutions for business.

No matter what your sustainability goals are, EcoPower can help. We partner with you to improve the so-called “triple bottom line”: people, planet and profit.

Better for the environment.


EcoPower takes up to 85% less energy to produce than oil refined from crude. Plus, just one gallon of reclaimed engine oil produces the same amount of engine oil as 42 gallons of crude.

But best of all, using EcoPower is far better for the environment. In fact, a fleet of 15,000 diesel and 15,000 gas-powered vehicles using EcoPower will reduce greenhouse gases by 2,866 metric tons—that’s equivalent to the carbon absorbed by 74,272 trees over ten years. Simply stated, a green engine oil means far less greenhouse gases.

We also help keep plastic out of landfills by distributing 95% of our engine oil in bulk. Our only packaged product is a 5-quart bottle, for dealers who don’t have enough bulk storage space.

It's more sustainable.


Our oil is made from reclaimed engine oil and is produced by Safety-Kleen, the largest recycler and refiner of reclaimed engine oil in North America.

Safety-Kleen starts by reclaiming over 200 million gallons of used oil and other fluids from nearly 270,000 locations. That oil is then refined using a process that requires 85% less energy than conventional oil.

This unique closed-loop process is a far smarter way to manage used oil than burning or dumping it. Plus it transforms engine oil into a renewable resource. It limits the need to drill and tap limited crude resources and reduces our dependence on foreign crude oil.

EcoPower: A Sustainability Story


In this documentary, Safety-Kleen tells the EcoPower story about how engine oil can protect the environment and protect engines... even up to 1 million miles. It also shows how using EcoPower is one small step companies can take to help grow their business and become more sustainable.