By: EcoPower

The right way to extend your fleet’s oil drain intervals

OilChange Mechanic

There’s a right way and many wrong ways to go about extending your fleet’s oil drain intervals. Wrong ways can hurt engines and go against the OEM’s recommendation. The right way is to conduct oil analysis to determine the optimal mileage between oil changes based on your service usage.

For example, a city fleet wanted to extend its heavy-duty diesel engine oil intervals using EcoPower. It was extreme service. The vehicles were refuse trucks subjected to stop and go and required the use of a hydraulic lift. We recommended conducting oil analysis first. The analysis showed how far we could extend drain intervals while still protecting the engines. As a result, this customer was able to increase its oil interval by 50%, going from 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles between oil changes. 

Many fleets would like to extend their oil drain intervals. It saves time, saves money, and it’s better for the environment. But if you extend too much, it can damage the engines and lead to increased maintenance costs.  We suggest you fully understand your OEM recommendations.

If your fleet is considering switching heavy-duty diesel engine oil with extended oil drain intervals, consider EcoPower. We can help you utilize engine oil sampling and analysis to optimize the oil change interval that’s right for your fleet.