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Survey shows that sustainability is good for business

Green Board Room

We know sustainability is good for the environment, but is it good for business? Proof of the synergy between the two came in a February 2013 global study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group.  

The 4th annual survey resulted in a key finding: 37 percent of executives polled reported a profit from their sustainability efforts. This represents a 23 percent increase from the previous year.

By: EcoPower

Fleet Carbon Footprint Calculators: A Quintessential Tool in any Emission-Reduction Mission

Fleet Carbon Footprint Calculators

For a fleet manager, understanding the exact — or even approximate — environmental impact of a large vehicle fleet is important to you. While there are numerous ways in which to make greener the day-to-day and long-term operations of a fleet, it’s also helpful to be aware of a few key figures, particularly estimated carbon emissions, before you start making any major decisions that will ultimately help to reduce the need for foreign oil and drilling while improving a company’s carbon footprint.

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In it for the Long-Haul: Recycled Motor Oil & Truck Fleets

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Without a doubt, injecting a substantial amount of “green” into commercial vehicle fleet operations while maintaining high standards of performance can be daunting. Where does a fleet manager begin? Making the switch to engine oil that is recycled and refined from reclaimed oil is one tried and true way a fleet manager can do their part in minding Mother Nature – with no compromise in performance or quality.