By: EcoPower

What Is Green Motor Oil?

First, green oil is oil made from reclaimed motor oil. Instead of using new resources, you’re using oil that has already been used at least once.

Drivers in the United States produce about 1.3 billion gallons of used motor oil each year -- so there’s not a lack of product available. In addition, this reclaimed oil is re-refined through special technology that produces new base oil that’s the same or better than virgin base oil made from crude.
Green oil stands up to rigorous tests, so it can handle anything you put it through -- because it meets or exceed North American industry standards set by the American Petroleum Institute and other groups for quality, consistency and engine protection.  Essentially, the oil -- though recycled -- is good as new (or even better).
Second, you might be wondering -- how would using this type of oil benefit me? If you are of the mindset that we have to live our lives in a greener way, then this might be the motor oil for you. If you are seeking small ways that you, too, could help the environment, this is your chance to do something easy and hugely helpful. What green or recycled oil allows for is a reduction in our dependence on foreign oil.

Green oil also helps the environment by reducing the toll we take on non-renewable natural resources. Instead of seeking out new crude, using reclaimed oil allows the recycling process to begin. And green oil can be recycled indefinitely.

Using green oil is actually one major step toward reducing our need to drill our own natural reserves and bargaining with foreign nations for their resources. Imagine if all cars in the U.S. used green oil -- that would be a dramatic reduction in America’s need for more new oil every year.

Millions of gallons of oil are also disposed of improperly each year, according to the EPA. Where green oil helps is by recycling used oil, instead of the oil being thrown out in a way that negatively affects our environment.

EcoPower Motor Oil is produced by Safety-Kleen, the largest collector and refiner of reclaimed motor oil in North America.