By: EcoPower

Can a Green Motor Oil Make Your Business Stand Out?

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Can offering eco-friendly motor oil – motor oil that’s been re-refined from reclaimed motor oil in a closed-loop process that takes 85 percent less energy to produce than conventional oils made from crude – benefit both your business and the earth? All signs point to yes. With an increasing number of consumers actively seeking out green products and services, particularly in the automotive category, offering an eco-friendly motor oil that doesn't skimp on performance such as EcoPower, can help your business stand out from the pack while improving the public opinion of your company.

By: EcoPower

In it for the Long-Haul: Recycled Motor Oil & Truck Fleets

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Without a doubt, injecting a substantial amount of “green” into commercial vehicle fleet operations while maintaining high standards of performance can be daunting. Where does a fleet manager begin? Making the switch to engine oil that is recycled and refined from reclaimed oil is one tried and true way a fleet manager can do their part in minding Mother Nature – with no compromise in performance or quality.

By: EcoPower

4 Simple Ways To Green Your Non-hybrid Ride

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Tesla. Prius. Leaf. Volt. These names ring a bell? All are popular hybrid-electric and fully electric vehicles synonymous with reduced environmental footprints – or environmental tire marks, if you will – achieved through the decreased emission of climate change-causing carbon dioxide and other tailpipe pollutants, high fuel economies, and less of a reliance on foreign fossil fuels.