Frequently Asked Questions


Which manufacturers approve using re-refined motor oil? And are virgin and re-refined oil standards the same?
Manufacturer's approval is based on motor oil products meeting desired specifications and standards, i.e. API SN and ILSAC GF-5 or CJ-4. EcoPower meets or exceeds these specifications. And the standards are the same for virgin and re-refined oils. Check your vehicle owner's manual for the specific recommendation on which motor oil to use.
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How long will re-refined oil last?
Re-refined oil lasts as long as conventional oil. You change your oil because it becomes dirty from engine deposits and the additives are depleted over time. The Petroleum base stocks that holds the additive chemistry together never lose their lubricity and can be used over and over again making it a sustainable product.

What is the re-refining process? Is the oil just cleaned?
Safety-Kleen’s process of refining used oil is essentially the same as refining virgin crude oil. Both go through the basic processes, such as dehydration, vacuum distillation and hydro treating. At the conclusion of the refining process the product is blended with additives to enhance performance in the same manner as a virgin product. The end product is virtually identical and must meet the same specifications.

What about vegetable oils?
Vegetable and tallow-based oils have not met API specifications and typically cannot pass Sequence III.

Can EcoPower be used in hybrid vehicles?
Most hybrids can use EcoPower. The gasoline internal combustion engine in a hybrid vehicle is the same as a regular vehicle's. EcoPower exceeds the highest North American standards for motor oil performance in gasoline engines. It can be used wherever API SN oils are specified. Follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations when selecting the grade of oil.

What if my vehicle requires synthetic oil? Can I use EcoPower?
EcoPower is not a synthetic. Follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations when selecting motor oil.